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Ancestral InnerG™ is a balanced embodiment of divine energies and ancestral collective wisdom connecting individuals to divine InnerGetic experiences.

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Our Philosophy

It's not about any one thing, it's about the whole. The whole of one and the whole of all.  Divine innerspiration connects the interpersonal dots of where we belong as individuals within the collective. 

The guiding light of Ancestral InnerG is the understanding that we are our elevated ancestors enlightened dreams.  

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Collective Favorites

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Word of Mouth

“It’s super soft to the touch, comfy, & gives the right amount of warmth for the season. It has easily become one of my.”

“The energy this candle gives off ( and I’m still only halfway through the 1st one) is so authentic and pure that great things happen each time its lit.”

“I feel like a divine bad b*tch. When I wear it I feel protected and guided.”

- @journeyofmystic - 

- @Jazzibae88 - 

- @bossladi13- 


of, belonging to, inherited from, or denoting an ancestor or ancestors.


a permanent state of mind where nothing is impossible.....where oneself relies on DIVINE instinct to handle anything in life.

Queen Mother_fc.png