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The Brand

From the Ether • Established in Durham, NC

Ancestral InnerG™, born in 2020, emerged as a sacred totem honoring our revered ancestors and acknowledging our profound connection to the divine. Within this brand, we embrace the understanding that this higher experience, known as Spirit or God, is an integral part of our collective consciousness. Our representation of the divine takes the form of a harmonious blend of feminine and masculine energies, symbolizing the balance that exists within the divine realm.

Seeking divine guidance and wisdom, we chose the owl as a powerful emblem adorning the crown of the God(is) Queen Mother representative. To further signify the essence of divine protection, a hamsa hand rests at the base of her neck, embodying the inclusive nature of our beliefs. Together, these symbols encapsulate the spirit of Ancestral InnerG™, promoting equilibrium in our ancestral, spiritual, and personal journeys.

What sets Ancestral InnerG™ apart is that it transcends being a mere brand—it is an immersive experience, one that is profoundly interpersonal. We acknowledge that each individual experiences God in unique ways because we are all inherently different. It is through our individualized encounters that the collective experience of Ancestral InnerG™ flourishes.

Ancestral InnerG™ beckons to those who yearn for a deeper connection with the divine and a profound understanding that our true power surpasses any notions of inadequacy. We welcome those who seek to explore their own immense potential, united by the shared desire to embrace our ancestral heritage, spiritual growth, and self-realization.

Asé. Because you have the power to make things happen. 

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