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From the Ether • Established in Durham, NC

"I AM NOT MY OWN."~ A.RichBook

YYYYEEERRRRR. My name is Amber RichBook (most infamously known as RichBook).  I am a conduit for spirit and the creator/founder of Ancestral InnerG

You ever just minding your business and then BOOM** you get instructions to do some extra sh*t you didn't ask for? Yup that's how I got here.

So let's take it back... okay so boom, boop, bop and then yeah. LOL okay for real. 

Curating an idea for a tattoo, I wanted a tattoo that was multifaceted and inclusive of my ideals of who I AM  (both in the present and becoming).  It was the thought to reverence the my elevated ancestors as well as my connection to the divine, who I've inadvertently learned to identify as Spirit (most people call this higher experience, GOD--I use God and Spirit interchangeably). This understanding manifested as the divine being who appears feminine but embodies the balance of divine masculinity.  I then desired a representation of divine guidance and wisdom--represented as the owl which adorns the crown of the God(is) Queen Mother representative. At the base of her neck is a hamsa hand an omnistic representation of divine protection. Together these embody the collective of Ancestral InnerG--bringing balance to our divine ancestral, spiritual and self experiences.  

Moments after (literally days) I was divinely instructed to share my body art experience with the world encouraging others to connect with Spirit and their elevated ancestors.  The beauty is that Ancestral InnerG is more than a brand its an experience--interpersonal that is because we experience God in different ways because we are different.  It is our individualized experiences that cultivate the collective experience.   

Ancestral InnerG™ is those who desire deeper connection to the aforementioned, those who know that our deepest understanding is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond all measure.  

Asé. Because you have the power to make things happen. 

Sincerely Your Good Sis, 


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of, belonging to, inherited from, or denoting an ancestor or ancestors.


a permanent state of mind where nothing is impossible.....where oneself relies on DIVINE instinct to handle anything in life.

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